12 fun, quirky gifts for writers and readers

(Updated November 2017)

Confession: I’ve barely started my Christmas shopping, but I have started collecting ideas for gifts. While making my list and checking it twice, I’ve found some terrific ideas — for Christmas, birthdays or other occasions — for the reader or writer in your life. (Of course, you can always buy books or contribute on their behalf to your local library, literacy efforts or other non-profits related to reading and writing.)

Here’s my second annual list of interesting, quirky or fun gifts for writers and readers:

1. Seven-year pen, punctuation version
These are great pens, supposed to last for seven years of creative scribbles, taking notes and writing thank-you cards. The punctuation style shown here is appropriate (and I featured it last year), but now there are also versions with glasses, bacon, swirls and more. I received a teal blue one with a peacock feather on it as a gift and love it. $9.95 from !ndigo (online only; other versions available in store).

Punctuation pen





2. “I’m a writer, what’s your superpower?” mug
$23.41 from Etsy seller artRuss; ships from Canada

What's your superpower? mug





3. Canadian Olympic Team reading socks
(I know, socks for reading? With a plush, fluffy lining, why not?) $30 from Hudson’s Bay (no longer available)

Reading socks for writers





4. “Write drunk, edit sober” journal
The classic advice from Ernest Hemingway. About $10 from Etsy seller FlamingoRoadJournals; ships from the U.S.

Journal for writers





5. “Reading is Sexy” mug
I featured this last year, too, and it’s one of my own fave mugs. $12 from !ndigo, in stores and online

Reading is sexy mug





6. “Write. Edit. Repeat.” aluminum bracelet
About $20 from Etsy seller TheWordRebel; ships from the U.S. (no longer available)

Write. Edit. Repeat.




7. Screen glasses to filter out High Energy Visible light
Spending too much time at the computer? These are supposed to help block the blue light emitted by computer screen and cellphones that wrecks your sleep. (Daphne Gray-Grant has a cheaper version.)  $70 from the Art Gallery of Ontario

Screen relief glasses




8. Scrabble tile earrings
About $15 from Etsy; ships from the U.S. (necklaces and cufflinks also available)

Scrabble tile earrings





9. XO mittens
The thin connection to reading and writing is their stated “bold typography.” I just think they are cute. $24.50 from !ndigo (no longer available)

Bold typography mittens





10. 1,000-piece puzzle of Edvard Munch’s The Scream
Because some days are like this. $24.95 at the Art Gallery of Ontario

The Scream puzzle





11. Plaid keyboard cover
I have never spilled water or coffee on my keyboard, but apparently I’m in the minority. This should help. Plus, it’s red plaid!  $18 from !ndigo, in stores and online. (No longer available)

Keyboard cover




12. Van Gogh’s Starry Night earrings 
More of a creative thing than a writer thing, but I just saw this painting at an exhibit in Toronto’s Art Gallery of Ontario and these glass earrings capture the dreamy feel. About $20 from Etsy seller BohemianCraftsody; still available but only ships within the U.S.

Starry Night earrings






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