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Seasonal apostrophe abuse is in full swing

With December on the doorstep, we can look forward to lots of apostrophe abuse. You know what I’m talking about. Where a simple S is required to indicate more than one item, an apostrophe is thrown in the mix. Retailers are going to offer personalized items, such as signs like the one shown here that […]

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Is it curtains for the ‘full stop’?

“[P]unctuation marks are the traffic signals of language: they tell us to slow down, notice this, take a detour, and stop.” – Lynne Truss, in Eats, Shoots & Leaves It’s almost National Punctuation Day (Sept. 24), that “celebration of the lowly comma, correctly used quotes, and other proper uses of periods, semicolons, and the ever-mysterious […]

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Here’s your challenge for National Punctuation Day

National Punctuation Day is fast approaching; do you have your assignment yet? What, you haven’t been eagerly awaiting Sept. 24? That is the day when Jeff Rubin reminds us that “a semicolon is not a surgical procedure,” and urges us to freely toss around punctuation marks. This year’s challenge, which celebrates the 2012 presidential election: […]

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Happy holiday’s, er, holidays

You’ve gotta love the intent behind the message, while regretting the lack of proofreader.   < A message in my in-box today.

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Punctuation challenge results are in

No doubt you’ve been breathlessly awaiting the results of the contest that marked the 2011 National Punctuation Day (Sept. 24) — the day for drawing attention to America’s lapsed grammar skills. Well, wait no longer! NPD founder Jeff Rubin has announced the select few among the 220 entrants who attempted to meet the challenge of […]

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Get ready for National Punctuation Day!

If you are a word nerd and grammar geek, you probably notice signs in grocery stores that say apple’s instead of apples and cringe at misspellings and improper punctuation. So you may already know about and celebrate National Punctuation Day, which this year is September 30. Last year, the creator of this widely celebrated national […]

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Five! Is too many!

Please tell my client that five exclamation points (or exclamation marks, if you prefer) in six sentences is too many. Last week I edited an annual report written by a non-profit group. Knowing the group wanted “donor-centric” copy, I deliberately left tone and style alone. Instead, I did things that aimed for consistency, accuracy and […]

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Today we celebrate punctuation

What makes me crazy Are apostrophes in signs. Know the one’s I mean? That is my haiku in honour of National Punctuation Day, September 24. (OK, I know an apostrophe is not punctuation, so it’s more of a haiku in honour of general grammatical attention to detail, railing against those “grocer’s apostrophes” often seen in […]

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Every comma has its day

Yesterday was a big day for those of us who notice and cringe at signs with extra or missing apostrophes. If people suggest that makes you a nitpicker, tell them you have nothing on former newspaperman Jeff Rubin, the founder of National Punctuation Day. Jeff started it as a “celebration of the lowly comma, correctly […]

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And I quote…

Here’s one for those of you who “dislike” when misguided “writers” apply quotation marks with wild abandon: Mark DiCristina’s “Blog” of “unnecessary” quotation marks (misinterpreting bad punctuation since 2005). You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll shake your head at the many, many instances of randomly distributed and misused quotation marks, many sent in by loyal readers. […]

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