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Sue Horner

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Oakville, Ontario

“Simply put, Sue is a great writer. Her professionalism and pleasant demeanor make working with her a pleasure. Her solid understanding of business issues and ability to put any interviewee at ease make her a great resource.”

Cyrus Mavalwala, ABC, MC

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Community garden movement growing like a weed

(Published in Niagara Escarpment Views, Spring 2014) A peek over the fence at some of the community gardens taking root along the Niagara Escarpment. Lush green leaves marked the spinach patch beside Chris Hadfield Public School in Milton last year. At least, the...

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A ‘suit’able image

(Published in The Mississauga Business Times)  When Gail Friedlander launched Images That Suit* in 1984, career success meant wearing dark suits with enormous shoulder pads. Originally a recruiter and career counsellor, Friedlander had seen the effect image had on job...

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