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Sue Horner, freelance writer

Freelance writer Sue Horner of Get It Write. (Photo: Rob Jeanveau of IABC/Golden Horseshoe.)

If you work in the corporate world, chances are you’re doing several jobs in one. Writing might be just one of the many tasks on your plate that leave you with lots to write about, but no time to do it. Sometimes that means a publication or other content you produce just doesn’t get out on time.

There’s a way for overworked corporate communicators to clear those writing tasks off the “to do” list: hire a freelance writer.

It doesn’t have to be for an entire project from start to finish. Many of my clients hire me to write just a few employee newsletter articles or other pieces at a time. As a writer with 25 years’ experience, I can handle complicated or sensitive topics as well as breathe new life into recurring items. I care as much as you do about reaching employees with clear, readable copy that’s warm and friendly.

Contact me and let’s chat about how I can take some pressure off your day, let you cross items off your “to do” list and help keep your communications on track. Not ready to talk business? You can get to know my style by checking out some samples of my writing, or sign up for my monthly newsletter for tips on writing, words, newsletters and more.

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