Writing samples

Examples of newsletter articles and other pieces written by freelance writer Sue Horner.

‘Passive House’ design offers new ways to create affordable housing

At one time, building as many homes or units as possible, as cheaply as possible, seemed to be the way to create affordable housing. Yet as with most things, you get what you pay for. History has shown that it’s better to look at costs over a building’s life cycle rather than just the cost […]

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Finding the human side of academic research

Readers appreciate when the writer does the heavy lifting to explain the complex and figure out “what’s in it for me?” That’s a big part of what I do. In 2016 and 2017, I had the honour of interviewing brainy researchers at Western University’s Faculty of Science. My assignment was to translate the science into […]

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Road ecology steps in when animal instincts and urban sprawl collide

(Published in Niagara Escarpment Views, Winter 2017) Nature’s programming is strong. After the first rainfall following spring thaw, Jefferson’s Salamanders emerge from underground dens, determined to migrate to the ponds where they were born to lay their eggs. In Burlington, that means crossing King Road. Some 1,500 cars a day use this road to wind […]

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Community garden movement growing like a weed

(Published in Niagara Escarpment Views, Spring 2014) A peek over the fence at some of the community gardens taking root along the Niagara Escarpment. Lush green leaves marked the spinach patch beside Chris Hadfield Public School in Milton last year. At least, the patch was lush during first recess. Word spread quickly once children working […]

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A ‘suit’able image

(Published in The Mississauga Business Times)  When Gail Friedlander launched Images That Suit in 1984, career success meant wearing dark suits with enormous shoulder pads.

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Restoring the past: Every picture tells a story

(Written for HP Canada employee newsletter) A treasured photo can be a memento of a significant occasion, a record of a birth or marriage, the last connection to a late loved one. For families left homeless after the devastating hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005, photos also represent memories of a life washed away by […]

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Tell-tale toads take to reclaimed land

(Article written for Suncor Energy employee publication) Like the canary in the coal mine signaling air quality, frogs and toads move in when an ecosystem is healthy. “To most people, toads may not be the ‘sexiest’ wildlife species out there,” says Leo Paquin, reclamation co-ordinator at Oil Sands. “However, we’re definitely encouraged that we’ve provided […]

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Antiquing is a treasure hunt through time

(Article published in Escarpment Views magazine.) Debby McLachlan has strict instructions: no big purchases, because her tiny condo is already jam-packed. So we’ve arrived at the Aberfoyle Antique Market about mid-morning, coffee in hand, “just to look.” Still, there’s no question we’ll take home something we love from the tempting treasures in front of us. […]

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Stanley Grizzle: No ordinary man

(Profile of Judge Stanley Grizzle for Via Rail Magazine) A glance at Judge Stanley G. Grizzle‘s shoes reveals an impressive shine. This pair happens to be smooth patent leather, but every pair he owns looks almost as glossy. It’s a habit; as a sleeping car porter back in the days of steam trains and gentlemen […]

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A Recipe for Success: Uncompromising standards result in growth for La Brea Bakery

(Customer success story for IBM) Baking a delicious loaf of bread has more to do with artistry than technology. But dealing with a swift rise in demand for a loaf that’s the greatest thing since sliced bread? That’s a job for high tech, as La Brea Bakery will attest.

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