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Eyes and ears still key in the digital age

Whether your organization has five people or 50,000, there is no “silver bullet” that will solve all your communication challenges. And despite the shiny toys of the digital age, panelists at an IABC event on Feb. 28 agreed that old-school listening, talking to employees and face-to-face communication are as important as ever. The session brought […]

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3 steps for newbies to get the most from Twitter

While chatting with a colleague this week, we got on the subject of Twitter. She didn’t see much value in it and wondered if I did. I do. I’ve made connections with new people on Twitter, and gained better visibility myself. I regularly find and share interesting articles. Some people visit my blog or website […]

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Use expressive writing to explain complex ideas

Humans are funny creatures. We’ll binge-watch hours of TV episodes or movies, yet barely tolerate a fraction of a second for a web page to load. That means you need a shortcut to meaning if you’re explaining something complex or unusual. Seth Godin says the best way to convey a complex idea is to “find […]

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Cut! 11 ways to meet a stingy word count

The fellow I interviewed was chatty; the topic, fascinating. The problem? Cramming as much of that interesting conversation into just 300 words. My clients often have a specific number of words they need to fit a certain space. Magazine and newspaper editors also assign a certain number of words and may not work with you […]

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How do you give your creative head a shake?

I must have run across Roger von Oech at an IABC conference years ago. He’s an author and inventor who has been giving seminars, workshops and presentations on creativity since 1977, although he doesn’t specifically point to IABC on his website. His name came to light the other day when an indie colleague, Daria Steigman […]

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7 ways to sabotage your employee e-newsletter

Done properly, a company’s employee newsletter can deliver information employees need when they need it. An e-newsletter can reduce email volume by collecting content that otherwise would be sent separately. An e-newsletter can easily link to relevant spots in your intranet to encourage online visits. But there are at least seven ways companies undermine their […]

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10 years of blogging? Time for a blog post

January is a big month here at Get It Write headquarters. After celebrating 26 years in business earlier in the month, my next milestone is 10 years of blogging. I’ve learned a lot in that time (see nine things I listed at my nine-year anniversary), including that I can’t manage more than one post a […]

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Resist the initialization of the world (please)

Over the holidays, I was in the store formerly known as Mountain Equipment Co-op. Great name, isn’t it? Without even trying, you can tell it sells outdoor recreation gear and clothing. One of their taglines is “Outside is our place. Canada is our backyard.” Nice. In 2013, the company decided to rebrand itself as “MEC” […]

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Is 2017 the year YOU make the leap?

A woman I met at an event once said, “Omigosh, you have my dream job!” Most days, I think that too. In fact, during a recent conversation about “the best thing that’s ever happened to you,” I realized that launching my business 26 years ago this month is my “best thing.” However, I didn’t wait […]

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New misused words join the list to be banished

Post-truth, on fleek, Dad bod and listicle are among the terms that made the 42nd annual list of words and phrases the wordsmiths at Lake Superior State University in Michigan want to banish for “Misuse, Overuse and General Uselessness.” Distressingly, making the list does not, in fact, banish awful jargon and overused terms. The hated […]

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