JournalFrankly, I’ve been stung into posting this.

Several times recently I’ve run across comments that suggest if I am (1) a freelance writer and (2) worth anything, I should have a blog. That’s probably the worst reason to have a blog, but I actually have a better one:

As a freelance writer, I need to be familiar with all the forms of communication in which my clients have an interest. (I should add, I’ve been following quite a few blogs and reading about blogs, and figured it was time to jump in myself.) I also want to share information and resources that can help others do a better job of communicating. And I want to share information that can help other solopreneurs, too.

I blame my journal-keeping experience for preventing me from starting a blog until now. “Keeping” is probably not the right word, because days, weeks…okay, I admit, MONTHS and many of them sometimes went by between journal entries.

Several times, I tried moving the journal to a more prominent spot, hoping it would prompt more frequent entries. My best record was five times in one month, so not a good track record for a blog! The fact that I spend a lot of time on my computer will help, won’t it?

What are your best tips for getting into a regular rhythm of posting?