Cancer Vixen book coverWhen I run across a book that’s highly recommended, I check if it’s available at my local library and put a hold on it. Quite often I have a number of books lined up, so when the call comes in that my “hold” is in, it’s always a surprise to see what’s waiting for me.

Not long ago, the book was about cancer. This may not be something you would consider “good reading,” but it’s a topic relevant to all of us. Chances are, someone you know has had cancer — and I sincerely hope, triumphed over it. Not every recommended book has turned out to be a “good read;” in fact, some have been downright frightening. Not Cancer Vixen.

It’s actually a graphic novel by Marisa Acocella Marchetto, which means she draws in cartoons her experience finding out about and dealing with a lump on her breast. “Cancer,” she says, “I am gonna kick your butt. And I’m gonna do it in killer five-inch heels.” (That explains the cover illustration.) Highly recommended!