Have you run across this one? “SSEWBA” — it’s short for “someday soon everything will be acronyms.” (It may already be happening in companies you and I know!) I thank Ragan Communications (their now-defunct Grapevine e-newsletter) for sharing this news, which commented on a Chicago Tribune article about the explosion of digital shorthand:

“Resist if you will, but understand that if you do you’re going to be branded an old fogy…”

On the other hand, the article reassures those of us who care about language:

“But if you want to ensure that everyone reading what you wrote will understand it – whether it’s a two-line e-mail or a 40-page white paper, next week or five years from now – stick with standard English.”

As an aside, the always entertaining Grapevine pointed me to another entertaining blog/podcast, Grammar Girl. Check it out!