Don’t you find that keeping up with blogs and blogging goes out the window when things are busy?

I finally have a few minutes to catch up after a “drop everything and do this NOW” project this week that I just completed. This was something I had to quote on, and when I gave a range of what it might cost, the customer checked “If X then you will charge Y?” and jumped on the lower rate. Of course, that makes me think I quoted too low, but the customer will never say so.

Other random thoughts that went through my brain this week:

It bothers me when people write “a couple” and leave out the “of”, as in “X is looking for a couple bloggers.”

I ran across a cute term (but can’t remember where): word of mouse, about referrals through online connections.

If you have a blog, sometimes you will start to relate a story to someone, and he or she will say, “Oh yes, you blogged about that.” So you never really know who is reading your posts. As friend and fellow writer Gloria Hildebrandt referred to the people reading her novel in blog form, it’s a “secret society” of readers!