Glad to find more company in confusion.

Thanks to Judy Gombita for pointing me to a copywriter in tech PR, the blogger behind The Friendly Ghost, who asks, “What is Twitter for, exactly?” He speculates it’s a form of micro-blogging, which I can see — you’re sharing thoughts but in brief chunks throughout the day, possibly more manageable than blogging. He also suggest Twitter is more about building communities than sharing content. In the comments to the post, someone mentions using it to “micropitch” editors and seeing Twitter used to announce products, build word of mouth campaigns and help a CEO communicate. (Here, I’m a little skeptical.)

Twitter’s own FAQ says it’s “for staying in touch and keeping up with friends.” The home page calls it “a global community of friends and strangers answering one simple question: ‘What are you doing?'”

I’m writing a post while waiting for several people to call me back so I can get some writing done. I’m not sure finding that out instantaneously is of advantage to anyone.