After “Bitter Waitress” posted a comment on my rant about a restaurant not taking reservations, I asked her how she found her way to my blog. Her reply indicates, as if you didn’t already know this, that you just never know who is going to find you and why.

My commenter (who confesses she’s not actually bitter, but is indeed a former waitress) teaches English to new immigrants who want jobs in the hospitality sector. She was doing a session on reservations, and did a search to find relevant Canadian information. Somehow my post popped up. Although you can certainly question how relevant my thoughts are, I was thrilled to find out that they inspired “a lively discussion on the merits and detractions of taking reservations.” Bitter Waitress posted her comment to present the other side of the argument — when a table of six doesn’t show and the restaurant loses $200-$300.

What’s also cool is that (not) Bitter Waitress is using a wiki to post links, vocabulary, tips and other information of interest to her students.