If you want people to buy from your web site, make it uncomplicated, will ya? I am so sick of creating new accounts, thinking up a password, entering here and checking off there, only to hit a wall.

I’m going to the movies tonight with some gal pals (so you know it’s Sex and the City) and thought I would order tickets ahead of time. I have an AMC MovieWatcher loyalty card, which is supposed to give you a discount off the admission. So first step was checking that site to look for show times and ticket availability.

Oops, first I had to register my number, wait for the site to send me a password, enter my number AGAIN with the password, pick the theatre, movie and time, and try to buy tickets. Oops, first have to create a new account with MovieTickets.com. Go through it all but can’t use my postal code. I must change the country code using the link at the top right…which isn’t there. Oh, here it is, a few screens back. Try again. Almost get there…Oops, “sorry, this transaction was unsuccessful” and “This theater is temporarily unavailable for online ticket sales.” Sigh.

It’s no wonder 52.1% of customers who enter an online shopping cart system never make it to the checkout (according to the Ecommerce Benchmark Survey, January 2007, referenced by MarketingSherpa‘s Anne Holland).

Oh well, my friends plan to meet there. If we can’t get tickets, we’ll go grab a Cosmo nearby.