Being a solo communicator can be lonely.

Les Potter, ABC, communications guru and visiting instructor at Towson University, once blogged about the loneliness of the solo communicator and the importance of regular social interaction with fellow professionals. He quoted a couple of songs (“One is the loneliest number”) and then after a few comments, both on the blog and off, posted his own “Sole proprieter blues.”

Woke up this morning
Lord I felt so bad
Another day alone
Done billed all the work I had

(Enjoy the full verse in the comments on his original post.)

Les makes a good point. It can be lonely as an independent. You do need to work on developing ways to make up for the lack of on-site colleagues that come with working for a company. And you do need to be able to handle all that time working alone.

When I launched my solo business, I deliberately looked for like-minded people in IABC/Toronto and Communicators Connection, another association geographically close to me. I’ve been active with both, particularly in the area of member communications.

These days, indies have targeted support with IABC/Toronto’s Professional Independent Communicators. Those of us living and/or working west of Toronto can network closer to home with another sub-group, IABC/Toronto Westend. I highly recommend both!

The discussion Les and I had highlights another way today’s solo artists can overcome the feeling of loneliness: interacting with others on blogs, social networking sites, discussion boards and other online spots.

So really, you have no excuse for feeling isolated and alone in a home office. Get out and network in person every chance you get, and network online in between. Go for it!