Big Brother was watching me this weekend, and it kind of creeped me out.

OK, so I was being nosy. A neighbour’s house was up for sale, and I was curious to see how much it was listed for. So I went to the real estate company’s site, scrolled through the listings and found the house and the price. I clicked on “photo gallery” to see the inside, to find that I needed to register before I could see anything. Name, e-mail address; it didn’t seem too intimidating. It makes sense that they want to capture some information about potential clients.

I expected a follow-up e-mail, something along the lines of, “We noticed you were looking at homes in Oakville, and wondered if we could help you find something.” What I didn’t expect was an e-mail from an agent saying, “I have been notified that you have shown some interest” in a particular property. Again, I was being nosy; a friend bought a fractional ownership (timeshare) in a similar cottage, and I was curious to see photos.

Funny, I haven’t received any queries about my interest in the $2- and $3-million homes I also looked at.