The discussion over Super Bowl ads continues days after they aired. Of course, we Canadians are sheltered and can’t see the ads during the event itself, but they are a still a hot topic of conversation. (The game? What game? Oh, yeah, the football game, we did see that, too.)

It took me until Monday night to catch up with a few of them, yesterday to see others. Is it just me or did you find the ads were less than stellar this year?

Ones I liked:

  • The Budweiser Clydesdales series, Fetch (bringing back the Dalmatian that acted as horse trainer last year), Circus and Generations. Cute, although not a real strong tie to beer.
  • Cheetos’ Spoiled Girl getting swarmed by pigeons.
  •‘s Double Take, with the moose head on one side of the wall and the other end on the other side.
  • Pedigree‘s Crazy Pets; was that a warthog in the back seat, hanging his head out of the car window?
  • H&R Block, especially the part where Death tries to get his parking validated.

Alec Baldwin for Hulu was kind of amusing, in his quirky 30 Rock way. SoBe and PepSuber were just weird. GoDaddy followed its usual distasteful (to women, anyway) track.  And CareerBuilder‘s repetition was just annoying.

What did you think?