A card arrived yesterday the old fashioned way, in the mail with postage stamp and all. It was from my friends at the local Honda dealership. Since I have just closed the deal on a new car, I thought it might be a “thanks for buying our car” type of card. Silly me! It was a card inviting me to a “Private V.I.P. Customer Sale” with special pricing authorized for current Honda owners and their family members.

You could probably make the case that the card might have been put in the mail the day before I actually bought the car. But that doesn’t excuse the e-mail version that arrived today, four days after the big purchase, inviting me to the same V.I.P. sale. (This, by the way, said “RSVP by April 14” and it arrived April 16.)

Talk about the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing!

Today’s lesson, kiddies: Update your customer records as significant events occur. If you can set up your system to trigger a follow-up survey after a car is brought in for servicing, surely you can set it up to cancel messages about car sales to someone who has just bought a car from you.

P.S. I was glad to see that the “special discounts and financing” were the same as those offered in person. Who wants to be offered a sale price after you have already bought at a higher price?