The sun is shining and it’s a brand new week. Time for a reminder to be careful out there by looking at some of the recent errors spotted in our imperfect published world:

  • eek out a living” (eke, although I like the frisson of living on the edge that “eek” suggests)
  • “hit the gas pedal instead of the break” (brake)
  • “the kind of place that beacons people to wind down” (beckons)
  • “custom orthodics” (orthotics)
  • “a tight nit group of users” (knit)
  • “researchers who poured through reams of sales and demographic data” (pored over)
  • explanative-laced temper tantrum” (expletive)
  • “then you’ve peaked people’s interest” (piqued)
  • “take a peak at the table of contents” (peek)
  • “the caulendar you used to rinse last night’s pasta” (colander)
  • “seem to be doing a stirling job” (sterling).

Now, let’s hope Muphry’s law is not in effect and I haven’t inserted my own errors!