Hey, it’s Friday. Time for some silly fun with words!

Play Hangman with Oxford English Dictionary. No surprise, expect tricky words.

Play Oxford Fortune Cookie on Twitter by tweeting “I want to play OxfordFortuneCookie with @OUPAcademic” and a number between 1 and 400. The reply will be a quote/your fortune.

Build or test your vocabulary with FreeRice; addictive, and you donate 10 grains of rice each time.

Enter your name and see how it gets scrambled. Mine came out as “Hoarser Nuns.”

Try out the YouTube insult generator, which pulls insults from comments people have left on YouTube (pointed to by Guy Kawasaki). For example, entering “school” came back with “You GOT NO RECSS hahahaha no.” and “You ride the short bus.”

Create a Wordle picture with a favourite section of literature, speech, article, words of praise or whatever words you like.

Enjoy. And do share if you find other fun sites involving word fun!

Photo: photostock and FreeDigitalPhotos.net.