Book funEspecially given my last post, it’s time for another roundup of funny, interesting or just plain silly items found online, this time related to books:

  • The Seattle Public Library stages the world’s longest book domino chain to promote its summer reading program. Check out all the people staged casually reading amid the fun!
  • The UK’s Bookseller magazine gives out a prize each year for the Oddest Book Title. I always get a bigger kick out of the droll commentary than the admittedly odd book titles. This year’s winner was Goblinproofing One’s Chicken Coop.
  • Tattoos – sometimes a little creepy – inspired by books.
  • Book poetry, aka poems formed from the spines of books.

Are you a book lover? What funny or interesting items have you found related to books?

Image: Stack of books by “Master Isolated Images” and