Friday funAfter spinning straw into gold this week (still in progress: six pages of complicated notes into 800 words), I felt like a little Friday fun:

  • You need just the right words to convey your true feelings. Thus, the Shakespeare Insult Generator, with such gems as, “Thou idle swine” and “Thou cullionly maw.”
  • Study these witty Sherlock comebacks, such as “You lower the IQ of the whole street,” and never again be at a loss for a smart remark.
  • Need to immerse yourself in some good ol’ B.S.? Here’s the B.S. generator, which will create phrases you may recognize, like “exploit cutting-edge channels.”
  • You’ve heard of lorem ipsum to put “dummy” text into a layout. There’s a buzzword edition, using many of the same words you saw in the B.S. generator.

Happy Friday!

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