'Ad' for Feb newsletterHow do you reach members of your organization when they number more than 80,000, live across Canada and beyond, and are an average age of 65?

I found out when talking to Sylvia Link, MC, ABC, APR, who is Director of Marketing & Communication for RTO/ERO (formerly the Retired Teachers of Ontario).

For RTO, surveys in three years running have shown the value of three publications – a quarterly print and digital magazine, a bi-monthly e-newsletter and a regular print and digital district newsletter. These publications are both where members get their information and where they prefer to get it.

Find out more about RTO’s thinking and why Sylvia recommends deciding your communication channels based on research and preferences in the February issue of my newsletter, Wordnerdery. The issue continues a series where I report on the current “inside view” of communication.

If you’re willing to share an opinion or an inside view — what channels your company uses, which are most effective, the best way to reach younger generations and non-desk employees and so on — please do so in the comments below, or contact me to set up a time to talk. Thank you!

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