A post by Seth Godin led me to the transcript of a discussion with Washington Post writer Gene Weingarten. The topic was an experiment Gene conducted to see if violinist Josh Bell (incognito in a baseball cap) and his Stradivarius playing in a transit station could stop busy commuters rushing to work.

As you might expect, almost nobody stopped. The discussion touched on how sad it was that people missed a moment of beauty in the rat race to get to work.

I like to think I would have stopped. Life is short, and we need to seize those moments of beauty when we can. When walking my dog on a frigid but clear night, I look at the stars and appreciate how many more chances I have to see them. Yes, even though this has resulted in having to wear a ski jacket for half the year.

When my kids were small and would come in with grass stains on their knees, I would think of my favourite quote from the Calvin and Hobbes cartoons by Bill Watterson:

“I say if your knees aren’t green at the end of the day, you oughta seriously re-examine your life.”

How do you make sure your knees are green at the end of the day?