Fresh reminders this weekend that life is short, and as I blogged about recently, you need to find beauty in each day:

  • a cousin just found out she has ovarian cancer after it had spread to her lungs.
  • a good friend’s mother, diagnosed recently with a brain tumour and given a few months to live, passed away this weekend in even less time.
  • another friend is in limbo waiting for a biopsy after suspicious cells were found during a Pap test.

We tend to go through life at full speed, taking for granted that the people we love will be there tomorrow.

We don’t say “I love you” often enough, assuming the other knows how we feel.

We don’t celebrate (or sometimes even see) our friends enough, figuring there’s always next week or next month. But sometimes there isn’t.

So, go forth and hug your parents or your significant other or your friends or all of the above. Treasure the time you have.