I’ve been the first to complain about customer DISservice, so let me give credit when it’s due: The Bay (or should I say HBC) did right by this customer.

My latest statement came in showing $10.20 due. It was an odd amount and I thought, “What on earth did I buy for $10?” Nothing, as it turned out. It was a credit charge. The previous balance had been due Aug. 5, but my payment didn’t arrive until Aug. 7 (because of the Simcoe Day long weekend, I guess). So HBC was going to charge me $10.20 for those two days.

I called the “customer helpline” not expecting any help but at least hoping to register my disappointment. After a few too many “press 1 for…” and “press 2 for…” options, I finally reached a human, who turned out to be human indeed.

After checking my file, revealing a long-time customer who always pays promptly, she apologized and promised to reverse the charge. Thanks, HBC!