Feeling battered today after returning from Montreal last night — going there took five hours, coming home took seven, because the highway had been closed for many, many hours after an accident. Although the section was opened by the time we got there, you’d never know it from the traffic.

But I digress. I wanted to share some amusing spam that came in just before I left:

  • One from “Daniel Gerrad” (obviously messages with a name that might be a real one get through many filters) who owns a company “based on Chinese and African textile and fabric material in the UK.” Daniel was looking for a trustworthy rep in Canada. Hey, I could get paid weekly “without leaving or affecting” my present job! I could get 10% of payments from Daniel’s “patronizing” customers in Canada!
  • One supposedly from CIBC, with a warning note that my access to online services had been suspended. I had not noticed because I don’t have an account with CIBC. Not to worry, because all I had to do to reactivate the acount was click on a link embedded in the e-mail.

Do people really fall for these things?