Fellow independent Joanna Turlej pointed me to Trendwatching, an interesting site about – what else – trends.

As you can imagine, the spotters at Trendwatching come up with new words all the time to describe the trends they see. They credit Faith Popcorn, probably most famous for coming up with the term cocooning, for the trick of combining two words related to the trend, as she apparently did with manity, referring to male vanity.

Some of the interesting ones I ran across:

Trysumers: Transient, experienced consumers who become more daring in how and what they consume, trying out new flavours, destinations, services, etc.

Crowd clout: The influence that crowds can exercise to demand what they want.

Still made here: The comeback of all things local.

I’m not sure if these words have lasting power, but it’s certainly interesting to check out the trends.