“Innerpreneur.” Isn’t that a great term? I ran across it following a trail from the latest MarketingSherpa newsletter to a book called Karma Queens, Geek Gods & Innerpreneurs, by Consumer Eyes marketing firm founder Ron Rentel.

The book identifies the people who are setting the trends for society and influencing our buying habits, and suggests strategies to connect with these consumers. Among them are the Denim Dads (men who choose family over work); Geek Gods (who you turn to when you need to make a decision about buying a new computer or flat screen TV); and Innerpreneurs (managers of their own brand who find inspiration within themselves).

Just as the terms Hippies and Flappers conjured up images of what those consumers looked and acted like, Rentel believes these “C-Types” (for Consumer) are distinct and identifiable, and marketers should find their own C-Types and market to them.