Ragan just sent me a link to a number of stories, one of which I found particularly close to home: “How to make the most of your freelancers” by Sarah McAdams. (Sorry, link no longer live. But thanks to my western colleague, Dave Traynor, for introducing me to TinyURL, which wrestled Ragan’s full 218 characters into just 17.)

The article’s good advice includes providing your freelancer with any instructions you might have (Sarah calls it an “assignment letter,” but it doesn’t need to be that formal). For example, please share if you have an angle in mind, suggested resources and contact information.

Sarah says, and I totally agree:

“Freelancers must have sound writing skills, a willingness to accept editorial feedback, good social skills, reliability and painstaking attention to detail.”

When you find us, I think you’ll agree we quickly become part of your “family,” the first category of freelancers Sarah describes. The more we work together, the better we understand your company, making it easier every time to “turn complicated material into interesting, understandable copy.”

While I hope my long-time clients would agree that I am part of their family, sadly, none has told me lately they love me. 🙂