You know technology has truly infiltrated our lives when tech terms apply to people. A client recently asked what my bandwidth was. It used to mean how much data could be sent through a network or modem, but now it’s evolved to mean “how much extra time do you have to take on new projects?” In marketing-speak, a customer’s acceptance bandwidth means the amount of time he/she will invest in your marketing message.

The November/December issue of IABC’s Communication World introduced me to sock puppetry, which refers to commenting on blogs using a fake identity.

Buzzwhack is always good for current buzzwords. How about Friendquest, which means asking someone to be a friend or buddy on an online social network. The site also has an IMglish Dictionary, keeping you up to speed on the meaning of all those instant messaging/texting abbreviations. The one that made me LOL: HUB (head up butt).