Twitter pet peevesAre you a Twitter fan? I’m always interested in reading about the experiences others have with this so-called “microblogging platform.” Colleague Joan Patch pointed me to an article about building your online profile by AdAge “editor at large” Matt Creamer. He says:

“Success in social media, I quickly discovered, is being comfortable with the proposition that every single waking thought and feeling you have is important enough that other people will want to read it. What else explains Twitter? …Twitter was for me something to be mocked, to be held up and derided as a symbol of a new wave of irrational dot-com exuberance…[but] I realized that I could use Twitter to promote my blog, as well as my writings for Ad Age…In isolation, these sites are kind of a waste of time, but in the aggregate there’s some real utility.”

Meanwhile, on the Black Belt Dojo, Sue Dewhurst writes:

“I must admit, from the little I’ve read about Twitter, I’d dismissed it in my head as some place people went to waste time chatting about nothing in particular…So I was intrigued to see Lee [Hopkins] talking about Twitter as a great way to keep in touch with remote workers who might have no access to a computer but do have mobile phones.”

I’m glad to hear of a solid use, because I have trouble with the idea of everyone simply sharing their every waking thought. I’ve been scolded for “lurking” too much and not commenting on other blogs, but I’m still feeling my way around a bit, deciding when/if I have something to add and wanting to make sure those thoughts are worth the time someone else would spend to read them.

How about you?