As things wind down for a Christmas break, I thought I’d share with you an interesting quirk that seems to strike people good-hearted enough to post “found” ads. It’s the need almost so many of them have to name the foundling. And in this, the festive season, they are choosing festive names.

For example, my local paper’s last lost and found column had ads for 11 lost cats. Half describe the cat, and then say “We call Tinsel.” (Or in this issue’s column, Grinch, Frosty, Mrs. Claws or Sugar Plum). Now I ask you, how on earth is that going to help me know that you’ve found my cat? “Oh, they’re calling my all white male cat Tinsel, that must be my little Snowball!”

Well, whatever they are called, I hope they find their way home safely for Christmas and don’t run into any cars or coyotes. Merry Christmas, everyone!