Happy New Year!

So here we are in the aftermath of the famous “holiday season.” It feels like the last two weeks have been spent doing nothing but eat, drink and be merry, which is great fun but not too conducive to jumping quickly back into a productive routine! After all the Christmas chaos (dinner for 27 cooked by my sister-in-law, four roaming dogs and lots of children underfoot), my husband and I took our two boys to Vancouver and Whistler, BC, where we visited good friends, skied/snowboarded and went to a Vancouver Canucks game. I did not check voice mail or e-mail once and I have to admit it was refreshing.

Between five loads of laundry on Saturday, I logged in to see what was going on and clear the decks for today. I was surprised and pleased — OK, I was thrilled — to see that communications guru Les Potter, ABC had commented on my last post. Les is particularly well known in the IABC world and is a visiting instructor in the Mass Communications PR track at Towson University in Maryland. Les began blogging on the same day I did, almost one year ago, so I feel we have a special bond!