It’s only marginally related to communications (let’s put it under word play) but if you’re a fan of occasional silly fun, I ran across a quiz (oops, no longer available) through the Mental Floss trivia newsletter:

The quiz posted phrases and asked viewers to guess which one described a discontinued Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavour and which was the name of a band. I managed to get 8 out of 10, the same score as founder Jerry himself. Where I tripped up: “Coconut Fever” and “Apple Butter Supreme,” which are actually the names of bands. Surprisingly, “Sweet Potato Pie” is both a flavour and a band.

Humour columnist Dave Barry is famous for pointing out wild phrases that he thought would make great names for rock bands. His website lists many of them, including Weasel Nostrils, Gaseous Worms and Flaming Squirrels.