OneIt seemed an incredible cosmic coincidence that I would start blogging on the very same day as the informative, insightful and strategic Les Potter, but as I found out when Les posted his one-year commentary on Tuesday, it was merely close.

Well, two days apart is still pretty cosmic, so congratulations to both of us for starting and sticking to it! I’m especially glad to know that my dismal record of journal-keeping did not in fact turn out to be a good predictor of my posting habits, although I admit that blogging drops to the bottom of my priorities when work is busy.

I mentioned yesterday being a positive person; are you?

Over at Brazen Careerist, Penelope Trunk offers some interesting checkup tests to see how you’re doing in the happiness department. Answering just a few short questions will help you figure out if you’re an optimistic thinker, if you’re on the road to burnout and if your job is the reason you are unhappy. Penelope points out, though, that “A job does not make you happy, it only makes you unhappy.” She notes that too many of us get hung up on money, and I have to agree. Money isn’t everything, although no doubt you have to be making enough to live a decent life to be able to say that.

One interesting stat she shared: “You can make a 40% impact on your optimism level by changing your daily routine in relatively small ways — like doing a bunch of random acts of kindness.” I wonder who measured that impact, and how?