Today I found Marci Alboher’s New York Times blog Shifting Careers, which highlights “the newfangled ways we are custom-blending careers, and shares tips for doing it better.” Check out the post about the “Web 2.0 resume,” which includes a YouTube video and Googlepages, but do continue on and read the comments.

As some of the commenters note, this may be great for applying for a “Web 2.0” position (whatever that might be), but the traditional resume is not dead yet. As my colleague and resume guru Martin Buckland says, “If a resume is read by a human [rather than electronically scanned, as is increasingly the case], it is first viewed for less than 30 seconds.” It may be difficult if not impossible to get someone to switch from looking through papers to checking out your video. Sure, have your “social media” version ready if needed, but the more critical step may be to ensure your traditional resume includes links to your blog, web site, LinkedIn profile, and other online presence.

Well, that’s my opinion, but in all fairness you should know that I haven’t had to use a resume for some time.

And thanks to Judy Gombita for the link!