Here’s some of what’s been going on behind the scenes of the happy freelancer:

  • I had a last-minute panic call from a client. An executive did not like an employee newsletter article written by a junior staff writer. Could I listen to a taped conversation with the exec and rewrite? For the next day? I did so, sending off the rewrite with fingers crossed. Article approved with no changes.
  • Following up with people you’ve been asked to interview draws a fine line between persistence and harassment. I’ve left weekly messages for one fellow and just can’t get anywhere. Since this week is March break, I’ll assume he’s away and try again Monday. After that, I’ll have to get my client contact involved.
  • While editing a draft produced by someone else, I removed one of my pet peeves: “On behalf of myself and XYZ Company…”. Please, if YOU are speaking, that covers the “myself” part. All you need to say is “On behalf of XYZ Company.”
  • This week, on various days I‘ve enjoyed the freedom and flexibility that comes with freelancing to take my mother and son #2 out for lunch, take son #2 snowboarding, get groceries in the middle of the day when stores are quiet, pick up some books, take both sons for lunch before a university tour, and of course walk the dog every day.

What’s going on in your freelance life?