Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms out there! So far, I’ve received a warm hug from each of my boys, but looks like the card and flowers that are hidden in the garage (spotted when I put something in the green bin) won’t be revealed until my own mother and father come over for dinner later. The best present, besides the hugs: my husband is thinking about, getting and making dinner. As I told Son #2 earlier, that just never loses its appeal!

When the boys were small, the best part of the day was breakfast in bed. We didn’t have a dog then, so the endless energy of small boys did the job of getting me up early. There would be whispers and footsteps on the stairs, the clatter of dishes and then small, measured steps as one carefully brought up a tray with cereal and juice, the other the newspaper. Then they would both run and get their own cereal and have breakfast in bed with me.

Those days are gone; on the weekend, Son #2 will sleep until noon if he can, although Son #1 might be up as early as 10:30. By then, I’ve gotten up, dressed, walked the dog, had breakfast, read the newspaper and usually showered. This morning, I did the mom thing and made cookies and muffins before showering, leaving each son a small dish of cookie batter. (It’s tradition.)

How did your Mother’s Day go?