Container marked "litter" holds garbageIt’s garbage day in Oakville, and I’m feeling virtuous.

Actually, things have changed around town and it’s recycling day. We no longer get garbage pickup every week and recycling every two; now it’s recycling every week and garbage every second week. I applaud this change.

The change came about because we finally have a green bin that accepts food waste, tissues, toilet paper rolls and all manner of things that used to go in the garbage. A pilot project went on most of last year and my street was the edge of the pilot area. So I could only watch jealously as my neighbours across the street had a test green bin. Our side of the street didn’t get them.

The pilot was a success and the bins rolled out across Oakville last month. I have a compost bin and use it regularly, but having a green bin reduced the garbage by a surprising amount, since it takes things like bones, leftovers and stale bread. There really isn’t a need in our house for garbage pickup more than once every two weeks.

Around here I have long been the Recycling Police, swooping in to move things that someone (usually my husband) has put in the garbage when it should be recycled. Now I am the Compost Police too, transferring errant banana peels and chicken wings to the bin under the sink.

In case you’re wondering, yes, I hug trees. Not sure my dog does good things for the environment, though.