With golf season upon us, Golf Town has been busily advertising and I have to say, these ads are good. In one, you see a mom at the wheel of her mini-van, counselling her unseen charges to “stay together” and “don’t cry when we have to leave.” Then you see that she isn’t talking to little kids; it’s a group of men bursting to exit the van to shop at Golf Town. In another, a bored man waits outside what looks like a changing room. Cut to the woman he’s waiting for, who isn’t trying on clothes; she’s testing golf clubs. Great way to take a familar scene and give it a surprise ending, and recognize that both men and women are golfers.

I tried to find out who is responsible, and it seems to be Toronto agency Top Drawer Creative, although there isn’t a clip of the ads on the site. If this is the agency, bravo to the writers and creative types. It’s rare and refreshing to actually look forward to seeing an ad instead of reaching for the remote to either mute it or miss it by skipping to another station.