(Updated October 2016)

Freelancers sometimes run into clients who question quoted rates and ask for less. Should you give in?

Most seasoned profNo discounts for expertiseessionals will agree that you shouldn’t let yourself be “had” on price. State what you are worth, making sure you convey the value in what you provide (which may be your X years of experience, your track record in the industry, your ability to deliver a close-to-final first draft, or similar).

If budget is truly an issue and the lesser amount is all that’s available, offer what you are willing to do for that amount.

Still not acceptable? Some jobs just aren’t worth it, and you may have to walk away. There will always be someone who will do it for less, and you don’t want to devalue yourself that way.

If you need a little reinforcement to support you in sticking to a fee you feel is right, here’s a great line from Matthew Stibbe’s blog, Bad Language:

“Nobody asks for the cheapest brain surgeon.”

He’s referring to the idea of finding a niche and becoming an expert. If you want to hire an expert, you understand up front that there’s a cost to it, which does virtually take “how much?” out of the equation. Great advice.