There’s something so appealing about humour, I don’t know why people feel the need to be stuffy.

An online posting led me to Woot, an e-store and community that sells “cool stuff cheap.” One look at the job postings shows you this crew has a great sense of humour:

  • “It’s not all sell, sell, sell around here. Sometimes we buy stuff from people…And those people like to get paid. We could just grab fistfuls of cash from our vault, stuff them in envelopes, and mail them out…or you could come help us do this right.”
  • “We’re looking for a few good sales people with drive, charisma, and the ability to aid us on our march toward global supremacy. Mwah-ha-ha-ha.”
  • “The worst part of the job [corporate recruiter]: Pitilessly crushing the dreams of bright-eyed, hopeful applicants.”
  • “In this job [project coordinator], you’ll learn that herding cats is relatively simple, compared to herding humans.”

Likewise, Brains on Fire (found via online pal Jean Gogolin; link no longer live) shows off their humour and creativity in the agency’s job titles. The agency provides naming for companies, new products and services, and the team does a good job of naming their own people: Chief Inspiration Officer, Account Shepherd, Word of Mouth Guru, Keeper of the Cash, Princess of Particulars.

At one time, I was treasurer for one of my networking groups. I gave myself the title of Money Queen and wore a tiara to present the budget. Strangely, the fellow who took on the job after me did not want to follow suit.