Really, I’m working away here, but I just had to stop and share this.

A client invited me to sit in on a conference call, with the intent of writing an article for the employee newsletter. Before the call, the fellows we’d be talking to took the time to write up a draft article. I’m sure they think the final version will just have a few things added here and there.

I appreciate the effort, but they are mistaken. Here’s why: I ran the readability stats, and this is the result:

  • Average words per sentence: 41 (the aim should be 14)
  • Reading ease: 6.3 (aim: at least 60%)
  • Passive sentences: 40% (aim: no more than 10%)
  • Grade level: 12 (aim: grade 9 or less)

My mission, which I have accepted, is to turn this into a readable account of some hard work done by a group of employees who really do deserve some recognition.