According to an article in Sunday’s Toronto Star, Father’s Day seems “like an afterthought” compared to Mother’s Day.

Writer Sara Barmak says, “Despite the concerted efforts of greeting-card makers everywhere, compared with the emotional behemoth that is Mother’s Day, the more recently invented holiday celebrating our dads still doesn’t carry the same symbolic weight.”

She goes on to quote a restaurant owner saying the place was booked solid for Mother’s Day brunch, but less so for dads. “Dads, he figured, don’t care much about which restaurant they go to, and are leaving the choice to the last minute.”

I think it’s more likely all those daughters and wives aren’t making reservations, they are at home making dinner. That’s what happened in my house, and both my own father and my sons’ father did not have to lift a finger. There were cards and gifts, too (not a tie in the bunch). All in all, pretty much what happened for Mother’s Day.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad, also known around here as Mr. Fix for his awesome abilities to repair, construct, invent and create. Sadly, he didn’t pass along the handy gene to me.