By now, you are no doubt among the estimated 15 million people who have viewed Matt Harding doing his goofy dance around the world. Talk about viral!

It’s interesting to see how his video has taken off. His web site — which shows he’s home in Seattle, just back from his second media tour — says he posted the latest video June 20. I found out about it in a New York Times article on July 8. Canada’s Globe and Mail ran a piece July 12. The Toronto Star had an article today, proudly noting that the paper was “the only media outlet to take serious notice” when Matt danced in Toronto last September; yes, our city made the cut.

Matt says that the New York Times piece has really changed things; “acknowledgement by the paper of record lends a weird air of legitimacy.” He’s now working on a book. Good for him!

If I had to say why Matt and his dance have so captured our imagination, I would guess that one reason is he seems so darned ordinary. The other big reason is that you can’t help but smile when you see him in place after place, doing his uninhibited, free-for-all, freestyle dance, especially when he is surrounded by locals throwing themselves wholeheartedly into it with him. Don’t you think?