Marketers are going after another supposedly influential group these days: Generation Jones, a term coined by Los Angeles “culture expert” Jonathan Pontell. This is the group within Baby Boomers born between 1954 and 1965. It probably tells you something that Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are high-profile Jones members.

The distinction here is not age, but how you use media. Instant messaging? Facebook? web space? music downloads? All mark you as a tech-savvy early adapter. Take this test by Brazen Careerist Penelope Trunk to see if you fit the label. I made the grade, although the fact that I hadn’t heard the term before probably docks a couple of points.

The name Jones refers to the group being a “large anonymous generation,” and/or links to the slang term “jonesin’,” the craving felt by this generation of unfulfilled expectations.

It appears Generation Jones is responsible for electing George W. Bush in 2004. Politicians are keeping a close eye on the Joneses for the next election.