Yesterday was Blog Action Day, where more than 9,000 bloggers had signed up to “raise awareness, initiate action and shake the web” by discussing poverty.

High housing costs often mean a decision between paying the rent and eating properly. In my community, there is a food drive going on this weekend. Volunteers dropped off bags to fill with non-perishable food, and will pick up the donations on Saturday. It could not be any easier to do than that! So far, I have one bag filled and will get a few more things on the next grocery run (not as frequent as usual, with the boys at university!).

Here’s another easy-as-pie thing to do about hunger: visit and build your vocabulary, for which sponsors donate grains of rice to the United Nations World Food Programme. The latest update said visitors donated 147,750,140 grains of rice yesterday. Of course while checking the site, I just had to play; it’s fairly addictive if you’re a word person! I got up to level 48 of 60 and 8,500 grains of rice before I forced myself back to work.

Appropriately enough, today is World Food Day.