Astrologers who find new stars get their discoveries named after them; so do researchers identifying new diseases. Did you know that there is at least one writer who has been similarly recognized, although for a practice rather than a discovery?

I had never heard the term “tuckerization” before I encountered it reading the Mental Floss newsletter. It explained, “Many science fiction authors raise money for charity by auctioning off ‘tuckerizations,’ the inclusion of an individual’s name in a story.  The practice is named for author Wilson Tucker, who often included his friends’ names in his fiction.”

Marc Brown is another author who regular tuckerized his books. The writer and illustrator of the Arthur series of books hid the names of his two sons, Tolon and Tucker, in all but one of the books. My sons enjoyed scouring the books to find the names, which were often hidden in plain view as book titles or names of food items. We often found the names of Brown’s daughter (Eliza) and wife (Laurie), too.

If you are a word person, wouldn’t you like to have something word-related named after you?