Do you read the fine print? I read everything, and I love that some creative types reward people like me. For example:

Andy Wibbels offers to send his blog posts by e-mail, and when he does, it has this note at the bottom: “All Rights Reserved. Please forward to friends, colleagues, enemies and groupies. I can’t believe you actually read light grey text. You rock.”

Michael Katz‘s e-newsletter includes this note: “Your privacy is important to me. I never rent, sell, share or even think about your name with anybody else in the room. You may reproduce this article by including this copyright and, if reproducing it electronically, including a link to You must also make a loud penguin noise at noon (EST) each day while the article is in use (costume optional). No penguins were harmed in the production of this newsletter.”

Now, isn’t that better than the usual dry, boring stuff? And you get to show your personality, too!