Tired of reading/hearing about all the layoffs, bankruptcies and other bad news filling the media these days? Do something! Here’s Michael Katz’s suggestion: spend your way to an economic boost for your own town.

Michael is “Chief Penguin” (aka president) of Blue Penguin Development and author of the e-newsletter that’s at the top of my “Damn, I wish I wrote that” file. He tells engaging stories that always have a point related to newsletters and building relationships with your customers.

“Here’s the problem,” he says. “Expectation plays a big role in the state of the economy. A good part of our decision to spend money is based on what we think will happen…So we hang onto our money. Even if we still have a job and a paycheck, and even though we understand that by spending less we’re only contributing to the problem.”

His idea is that once a month, on the 20th, we should agree to spend $20 “in the towns where we live and watch as it gives our neighbors (and ourselves) an economic boost.”

Sign up with Michael to receive a reminder every Thursday to go and spend $20. Then, go and spend $20. Really, life is too short not to.